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An APEX Semester

APEX classes are anything but ordinary.
Join us in a walkthrough of a typical semester.

Getting Started

Bioscience & Value Added Agriculture Sector

Do you have a passion for animals and the environment? The Animal & Veterinary Science course provides an in-depth overview of animal agriculture and veterinary science. Projects covered may include topics such as animal production systems, animal nutrition, animal reproduction, veterinary medicine, regulatory issues, global trade issues, biodiversity issues, human nutrition, food processing, economic trends in animal production, global protein issues and careers.


My experience taking the Animal & Veterinary Science course has exceeded my expectations. I have been exposed to so many career and education opportunities, animal experts, and animals. I feel as though I’m getting a head start on my education and career path.

Paige Wilkinson

Real-world Projects

Work alongside agriculture and zoo professionals to complete projects you won’t experience in a normal classroom. Projects provide the opportunity to learn about the livestock industry with emphasis on reproduction, inheritance, performance testing, selection and marketing.

Animal vet science

Hard at Work

Connect with industry partners to explore projects and career opportunities such as veterinarian, park ranger, laboratory animal care, wildlife biologist, animal health technician, food safety manager, animal keeper.

Enhance and Learn

Gain experience in the area of animal and veterinary science while also learning problem solving and leadership skills. You will explore the many ways animals interact with society, including companion, working and production animals, domestic as well as exotic animals.

Apexalligator Apexbat Apextiger

Invaluable Experience

Iowa is in the center of the largest concentration of animal agriculture. This course connects you with opportunities to learn and engage in projects with clients in all areas of animal and veterinary science. This course includes field trips and mentorship opportunities including exotic and zoo medicine, shelter medicine, small and large animal veterinary practices, food production, animal rights, and legislative issues.