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An APEX Semester

APEX classes are anything but ordinary.
Join us in a walkthrough of a typical semester.

Getting Started

Financial & Insurance Sector

Want to buy a car? What is an IPO and why are the founders of Facebook billionaires? Why should I care about the Federal Reserve? Learn the answers to these questions and many others as you survey banking functions, familiarize yourself with investments and learn more about personal and business finance.


With APEX, you learn technical and professional skills that are very applicable in the real world. The experience helped me to be prepared and successful in my first internship.

Sheldon Fox

Real-world Projects

Learn about market analysis, cost-benefit analysis, stock company evaluations, financial planning tools, portfolio management, credit options, investment models, sales calls and other ad-hoc projects that involve financial research, trending issues, or whatever fits the need of the business partners. Make inferences about population parameters and conduct regression inferential analyses.

Finance banking

Hard at Work

Connect with industry partners to explore projects and career opportunities such as Business Development Manager, Investment Banker, Senior Financial Analyst, Wealth Manager, Stock Trader, Mortgage Underwriter, Bank Loan Officer, Commercial Loan Officer, Investment Manager, Stock Analyst.

Enhance & Learn

During this class you can expect to develop a variety of technical skills by working on projects and taking on different roles. Learn to communicate project results while also expanding your Excel and Google Sheets knowledge base.

APEX Class Meeting APEX Risk Activity

Invaluable Experience

We are a team engaged in project-based, profession-based learning. The focus is on creating a parallel to the working world while encouraging career exploration and innovative thinking. By the end of the course you will have better understanding of what it takes to be a successful professional as well as a refined view of how their strengths/passions align with career opportunities.