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An APEX Semester

APEX classes are anything but ordinary.
Join us in a walkthrough of a typical semester.

Getting Started

Financial & Insurance Sector

Did you know Iowa is a national leader in the insurance industry? Learn foundational concepts of life, property/casualty, and health insurance as well as how actuarial science is applied in insurance. Then apply your learning to authentic problems while working with executives at some of Iowa’s leading insurance companies.


Because of APEX, I am now more confident with the career I chose to pursue. I am studying Actuarial Science now at Drake University with the goal to become an actuary and move into leadership within a company. I recommend that students join this program. Don't just go through the motions, but try to imagine yourself in the position of all of the professionals you meet. I love that APEX gave me a leg up going into college.

Maria Comito

Real-world Projects

This course is designed to give the student the opportunity to study the mathematical foundational concepts of life, property and casualty, and health insurance as well as how actuarial science is applied with the insurance industry outside the typical classroom setting.

Finance actuarial

Hard at Work

Connect with industry partners to explore projects and career opportunities such as actuary, underwriter, quality assurance auditor, workman’s compensation claims examiner, commercial insurance loss control, accounting, agency sales, data analysis specialist.

Enhance & Learn

During this class you can expect to develop a variety of technical skills by working on projects and taking on different roles. Learn to communicate project results while also expanding your Excel and Google Sheets knowledge base.

APEX Wauk Like a Warrior APEX Global Insurance APEX Mitiagation Meeting

Invaluable Experience

We are a team engaged in project-based, professional learning. The focus is on creating a parallel to the working world while encouraging career exploration and innovative thinking. By the end of the course you will have better understanding of what it takes to be a successful professional as well as a refined view of how their strengths/passions align with career opportunities.