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An APEX Semester

APEX classes are anything but ordinary.
Join us in a walkthrough of a typical semester.

Getting Started

Engineering Sector

The main focus of the course will be to understand the infrastructure needs and careers within each form of energy. Explore all forms of alternative energy from an engineering perspective by focusing on the mechanics, the issues preventing growth and take in in depth look at energy grid systems domestically and around the world.


Real-world Projects

Expect to work with residential, commercial and civil clients to evaluate energy needs, conduct site evaluations, consider a variety of energy sources based on budgetary, legal, and physical constraints, integrate alternative energy sources into existing energy infrastructure, and monitor alternative energy systems. Projects may also include the opportunity to develop and improve emerging energy systems, including off-grid energy sources and energy storage systems.

Next gen

Hard at Work

Connect with industry partners to explore projects and career opportunities such as renewable energy engineer, solar fabricator/installer, wind farm developer, wind turbine operator, solar project designer.

Enhance & Learn

Gain a variety of technical skills as well as professional skills such as improving your problem solving, complex communication, creativity, flexibility and adaptability, collaboration, project management and servant leadership skills.

Invaluable Experience

This course provides opportunities to problem solve, exercise creative thinking and take on real world challenges. By engaging in projects with real clients and professionals to design solutions to real problems you’ll develop professional relationships and personal brand portfolio.