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An APEX Semester

APEX classes are anything but ordinary.
Join us in a walkthrough of a typical semester.

Getting Started

Architecture and Engineering Sector

Become part of cross-discipline teams within a growing architecture and engineering design firm. Work alongside professionals on projects for healthcare, industry, education, government, and commercial clients while gaining experience with design processes and begin to develop an understanding of construction technologies and technical aspects of the built environment.


The class helped me narrow down my interests and figure out what I want to do in college through expanding my knowledge in professionalism, architecture and engineering.

Ledg Downs

Real-World Projects

Whether you’re asked to create a portable vendor booth or design a playground that is ADA accessible, this course challenges you to experience multiple architecture and engineering career paths through real-world design projects.

Foundations multidisciplinary2

Hard at Work

Connect with industry partners to explore projects and career opportunities such as architecture, interior design, structural and mechanical engineering, electrical and civil engineering, landscape architecture, and surveying.

Enhance & Learn

Immerse yourself in professional growth that will allow you to develop and demonstrate an awareness for all disciplines involving architecture and engineering. The technical skills you develop in sketching, CAD, and technical drawing will prepare you for the opportunities this career path has to offer.

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Invaluable Experience

The largest distinguishing factor in taking this course versus taking another related class would be the ability to continuously be apart of real-world projects while working alongside industry professionals. All of our projects have real-world clients that have realistic expectations of what they are expecting from our associates in terms of quality and client satisfaction. The class is very unique for each student, as every project is going to be a little bit different and require different skills in order to be successful. Don't expect that every student is going to learn the exact same thing, but expect that they'll each get exactly the knowledge they need to be successful on their projects.