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During the Boys and Girls Club project, my role was to design a lounge and game area. First, we started brainstorming ideas that would be beneficial to the kids that would be using the lounge. A lot of these ideas came from things we like to do in everyday life. Some items that we included in the lounge area were comfy chairs, bean bags, flat screen televisions and study tables. We also decided to put in nap pods, to make the room more modern/ innovative and give it a fun twist. In the game room section, we brainstormed games that were popular and easy to play. We chose games such as ping pong, air hockey, foosball and 8- ball. Overall, we wanted the room to be a place where kids could have fun and relax. This project was very enjoyable for me. I learned a lot about the architectural and business world and I am very grateful for the opportunity!