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If someone would have asked me 5 months ago what micropipetting was or how to make a gel for electrophoresis, I would have looked at them like they were crazy. Now, in a span of only 4 months I have expanded my knowledge on the research field significantly. A typical day in our class consists of going over our projects, prepping for a lab, or going on tours of really cool research buildings. Some labs we have done include diagnosing cystic fibrosis in DNA samples, transforming (changing) E. coli’s DNA to express green fluorescent protein , and even taking the DNA out of fruit to the point where we could see the strands.

This class has prepared me for college and for a professional career because I now have important lab skills learned and down to the point where I can micropipette with as little as 3% error (close to perfect). I highly recommend this class for students who are seriously interested in going into the medical research field, or even to those who have no idea what they would like to do. This class can tell you whether or not you will like research, and will give you a leg up in college because you WILL know how to micropipette, make a gel for electrophoresis and many other laboratory techniques to make you successful in any science career.