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Human Services


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Human Services Financial & Insurance Engineering Business, Technology, & Communication Bioscience & Value Added Agriculture


Financial & Insurance Engineering Human Services Business, Technology, & Communication Bioscience & Value Added Agriculture


Human Services Engineering Business, Technology, & Communication


Engineering Business, Technology, & Communication Human Services
Reagan Hall picture
Navigating Career Choices Through Real-World Experience

April 03, 2024Human Services

Lily Voynov
Learning Essential Work and Life Skills Through Research

February 16, 2023Human Services

KiraC copy
New Student Finds APEX Family and Great Experiences

January 05, 2023Human Services

Avery Rowling
My Future as a Health Coach

May 20, 2022Human Services

Isabella Avilez
Paving Your Own APEX Experience

June 09, 2020Human Services

Tawfeeq Alimami
Carving Out My Path

February 10, 2020Human Services

Jordan Stahly
The Value of Authentic Learning

November 08, 2019Human Services

Alejandra Plascencia
Insight to the Real World

June 06, 2019Human Services

Jacob Keil
High School Enhanced

May 24, 2019Human Services

Tyler Schutt
Small Science Leads to Big Discoveries

April 02, 2019Human Services

Zoey Stark
Helping People with Passion

January 02, 2019Human Services

Madeline Hakala
All Things Science

December 21, 2018Human Services

Layne Collum
Meaningful Connections

December 19, 2018Human Services

How the Fear of Needles Lead Me to Neuroscience

December 12, 2017Human Services

Research Course For All Students

December 12, 2017Human Services

Getting The Most Out of The Experience

December 12, 2017Human Services

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

December 12, 2017Human Services

Emma Rowe Headshot
Passion for Nursing

April 05, 2017Human Services

Nathan Sanders
Finding My Passion for Physical Therapy

March 09, 2017Human Services

Abbi headshot
Stopping the Diabetes Epidemic

December 21, 2016Human Services

Vanishika headshot
Insight into the Medical Field

December 21, 2016Human Services

Katherine headshot
How APEX Helped Me Find My Passion for Speech Pathology

November 22, 2016Human Services

Jheel Patel
Ride Along with Meals on Wheels

October 27, 2016Human Services

Katelyn headshot
Ready for Senior Night

October 20, 2015Human Services