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Currently I am an associate in the Business Startup course at APEX. This is the first course I have taken with APEX, and I have learned a lot this year. As an aspiring entrepreneur, APEX gives me dedicated time each day to work on my business, explore where my career can lead me, and also provides me with resources most people can only dream of. Additionally, the program also gives me a safe place to fail. APEX has been great for me as I have been able to learn standards of the business world in a low stress environment where you are not treated like a high school student.

When the term began, I wasn’t completely sure what to expect, but the experience has been very valuable. Going through different ways to identify problems helped me to become better at creating solutions through products and services. The Business Startup course has also allowed me to see how important every decision is when you are trying to run a successful business. I have learned how to evaluate risk and cost, options when it comes to marketing, how to solidify partnerships, among many other necessary skills. All of these topics can seem intimidating, but once I understood them they become easier to navigate and manipulate in order to fit my business model.

The business that I have been able to start and run is called Danae Dusk Designs, and it is a costume company that specializes in the world of cosplay. This business has helped me to connect people who don’t know about or are unsure if they want to make the commitment to cosplay to resources they can use to ease them into what can be an overwhelming hobby. I run a website and an Etsy shop through my business to give my customers easy ways to contact me. Additionally, I have a blog on my website where I can post about things that either I think are helpful, advice that I have been given, or topics that others have asked me to consider addressing.

Overall APEX has equipped me with so many important tools and has also helped  boost my confidence when it comes to things in the professional world. I can not wait to continue my APEX career next year and to build my skill set even more!