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Currently, I am an APEX associate in the Animal and Vet Science class.  I have always had an interest in becoming a veterinarian because I really love working with animals. One thing that makes my APEX experience a little different is the fact that I am not a student in the Waukee district. I start my days at Dallas Center-Grimes HS where I take a few classes before heading to the WILC for my Animal and Vet Science class, my favorite class this year!

I love all the opportunities that my APEX class has to offer, and I enjoy the unique schedule that comes with it. For example, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, we go to the Blank Park Zoo where we receive tours from the zookeepers on the different areas of the zoo including the small mammals, carnivores, and many more.  There are many Fridays that take us to the ARL – which is also really fun. While at the ARL I usually help out in the barn – which is really cool because I love horses.

Part of the Animal and Vet Science program is job shadowing, which I have really benefited from. My favorite experience was the time that I was able to job shadow Dr. Stay, the main veterinarian at Iowa Equine. It was interesting to see a veterinarian out in the field and see how they deal with each unique case. During my shadow, we did many dental check-ups and addressed a few foot problems. I really enjoyed how she even let me feel the horse’s mouth after she had ground down the sharp points.  Additionally, we work on many group projects during the semester. Some of my projects include the John Deere Front 40, the Blank Park Zoo, and Iowa State Advanced Vet camp.

Through APEX I have been able to confirm that I want to pursue a career as a veterinarian, and that I want to specialize in the equine field. I have really enjoyed my time at APEX so much that I’m taking the Research course next semester.