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My name is Nick Davis, and I am part of the business startup APEX class. I was previously involved in the Exploration of Exercise and Sports Science class as well. APEX has helped me focus my passions, skills, and experiences toward my future to help me define what it is I want to achieve. I have been deep into lifting for years and have always been interested in a multitude of subjects which don’t traditionally blend. I enjoy technology, business, economics, strength training and the science of exercise, and psychology. Entrepreneurship came naturally as an interest when analyzing the different career fields. It had everything I was interested in and allowed me to target my ambition towards something meaningful.

Last semester when I was in EESS, I had the opportunity of being able to work on brand development, social media marketing, research analysis for articles, team management, media production, and more. It was a serious growth experience for me and has pushed me to try new ideas and go for new goals. This semester, in business startup, I have made valuable connections, listened to a large variety of speakers on useful subjects, and have taken the initial steps towards launching my business. I have worked on my business plan and focused on ironing out the details of my business.

My business is called OTM, or Online Training Marketplace. In the personal training world, there is an emerging field of online training. This section of the industry is booming, where trainers can create programs, assist with fixing form, customize your workout plan, and other do other functions of a personal trainer for much cheaper. However, this field is scattered and unregulated. It is hard to find the perfect online trainer, there is no centralized marketplace for someone to search through online trainers to hire. I am building that service which offers a hub for someone to look through to find their perfect trainer. This would auto-regulate the quality of the trainers by free-market principles, lower prices, and give a very centralized location for people to fulfill all their online trainer needs.