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Before APEX, I had a very limited knowledge of what actuaries do; I knew they made great money, used math skills, and dealt with risk.  After my experience, I now have a much greater understanding of what it takes to be a successful actuary and I am more than excited to join their ranks.

As a member of the Foundations of Insurance & Actuarial Science team, I have been able to meet many successful professionals and learn about their organizations. One such individual was Heather Morrison, an actuarial assistant at FBL.  My partner, Devin Crew, and I worked with Heather on an insurance company simulation project that modeled profitability metrics.  

Through this project, I developed my professional skills in many areas. Both my communication skills as well as my proficiency in Excel greatly improved. It was a challenging project, but that was one of the main reasons I really enjoyed it. Also, this experience taught me perseverance and problem-solving. I ran into many obstacles throughout this semester but it taught me a lot.

At the end of it all, it was a really rewarding experience. I was able to share the Insurance Simulation at the showcase in front of many people, including Susan Watson, Interim Assistant Director of the School of Actuarial Science and Risk Management at Drake University.  Drake University is one of the top schools for actuarial science and I have them as one of the top schools that I would like to attend in the Fall of 2019.  

Because of APEX, I am now more confident in my future. I know what career I want to pursue and I now have the connections to help me along the way.