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Imagine what it would feel like to have a high school project become a reality. Imagine the work you do having a real impact on the world around you. These are two important qualities of the Waukee APEX program.

One of the most fulfilling parts of my APEX experience is seeing the things I work on come to fruition and being appreciated by business partners. Before taking an APEX class, school always felt like it was missing something. One of the differences that I really appreciate is that APEX course work isn’t motivated by a grade, but rather how much value you can bring to the community and those you work with. Which is funny because when your focus shifts from chasing a grade to helping others, the work becomes enjoyable and your grade ironically improves.

This past term I have taken the Exercise and Sports Science class, and I’ve had one of the most enjoyable and interactive school experiences ever. We designed/participated in workouts, used insanely cool equipment, and so much more. Some of my projects included designing and planting a garden, organizing a healthy event for kids, and designing corporate wellness challenges – all of which were implemented and appreciated by the public. Additionally, this program has helped me develop professional skills, make meaningful connections, focus my future plans, and dive into the real world in ways that high school simply doesn’t.

Overall, APEX made me a more capable individual with a heightened ability to leave an impact on the world. I can’t thank my teachers, fellow associates, speakers, and all the people I’ve met and worked with throughout this outstanding program enough. APEX is the future in education, and I strongly believe everyone can benefit from it.