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My name is Vanshika Mullick and I am a senior at Waukee. I am part of the APEX Exploration of Health Sciences and Medicine strand. In APEX, we work on projects that enhance our learning in the medical field, develop our professional skills, and the same time benefit business partners. The project I worked on this term was the UnityPoint Health “Day in the Life of…” healthcare professionals. The goal of the project was to create videos for the UnityPoint Health website that showcase the daily work of various health care professionals. This would allow many prospective students and future healthcare workers to get an insight into the many medical careers and how they are implemented within the UnityPoint organization. Through the course of the project, we scheduled informational interviews with a professional that is a part of a specific field that we are interested in. After understanding more about what they do, we worked with the Design and Communications Solutions APEX Students to shoot and create the videos that showcase the work of our professional. We were able to gain skills such as complex communication and learned how to be flexible and adaptable to allow easy scheduling. We also learned more about the different kinds of professions within the field of medicine. I could not have asked for a better, more hands-on learning experience than this.

UnityPoint Project