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My name is Ally Wehrspan, and currently, I am a junior in the Designing Communications Solutions (DCS) APEX course. This is my first APEX course, and I love it! I chose this course because I am interested in the communications side of business. I have always enjoyed meeting and talking to new people. When I first joined, I was scared that it wasn’t going to cover what I was looking into. Soon I learned that APEX caters to all interest. I got to meet new people, give tours, and lead different projects. At the same time, I got to learn more about designing, editing, and many other new skills.

In my course, we focus on graphic design, videography, video editing, photoshop, and so much more. I have already learned all about adobe photoshop and illustrator. Even though designing wasn’t my main focus coming into this course, I learned that I really enjoy it. I have also learned professional skills that are needed in many jobs. For example, we have learned how to send professional emails, how to write and format a resume, and how to dress professionally.

Currently, I am leading two projects. As a project lead, I get to send emails, plan meetings, as well as ensure that everything is on track for project completion. Working on projects is one of my favorite things in APEX because I am getting real experiences. In APEX I get to meet downtown twice a week, which is also really fun. We meet at DLR Group, which is an engineering and architecture firm. Being out amongst industry professionals helps me gain more real-life experiences.

Each APEX course is unique, but they all teach valuable real-life lessons. I highly recommend taking an APEX course. No matter what you are interested in, there is something in APEX that will help you expand your knowledge.