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I decided to enroll in APEX because I had heard about all of the projects and job shadows that my friends had been doing. Being an athlete, exercise and sport science has always interested me. Through the exercise and sport science section, I have been able to work with the Hy-Vee dietitians and employees at Lifespace Home Office. My class has participated in many exercise science labs where we have learned how the body works and what each health-related career is like.

This term I have been working on two projects, both of which have helped me discover what I’m interested in. First, through Hy-Vee I have been working with the dietitians to present nutrition seminars at the Waukee YMCA. We have worked on many ways to market the seminars like writing a paragraph for the Hy-Vee newsletter and making announcements over the intercom. During the seminars I have been able to work on my public speaking skills. For my corporate wellness project through Lifespace I have had the opportunity to work with local fitness instructors to set up classes. I have also been writing weekly newsletters that focus on health and community events. I have enjoyed the projects as well as visits that we have taken to local businesses.

My class has been able to go on many interesting visits to local businesses. One day, we went up to Iowa State University to participate in a dance class. After that, we had the opportunity to look at their biomechanics lab and their neurology department. Another place we got to visit was Mercy College of Health Sciences. While there, the physical therapist assistant students practiced fitting us in wheelchairs and crutches. They gave us insight as to what their careers would entail.

Through APEX, I have been able to make meaningful connections with local businesses. It has helped me to confirm my passion for a career in the exercise and wellness field. Additionally, I have learned many professional skills such as how to create a resume, how to write proper emails, and how to interact in a business meeting. Overall, I am grateful for my time at APEX as it has helped me in numerous ways.