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I enjoyed the time I spent in my Designing Communications Solutions class. The instructor, Mr. Goerend was phenomenal: he understood current market trends like no other and worked with our class in a very personable and growth-oriented manner.

The class I was a part of wasn’t really a class, but more like a family. Moments in APEX such as: our class Thanksgiving, our winter holiday party, and our time together during presentations really made the class feel special. I still am close friends with most of the people in that class and have found that APEX builds you a lifelong support circle.

The biggest project I had while I was in APEX was rebranding APEX. I, along with my three other team members, was tasked with helping to create a new logo and develop a feel for the website. We spent about two months on the project, working closely with the APEX director, Waukee Community School District’s communications coordinator and a third-party design and website firm.

There were moments that tested our limits, moments that made me doubt the project; but it all came together in the end. My team and I developed a product that I soundly believe in, so much that I’m currently wearing the logo on a t-shirt!