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Currently I am taking my second APEX course, and it is Business Startup. There are two major reasons I returned to take another APEX course. First, the idea of developing a startup intrigues me. Academic coursework has always been a strong suit of mine, so I was interested to see what would happen if I shifted those assets into the entrepreneurial world. Throughout this term I have been able to develop a unique service called Layman Learning, which may revolutionize the educational system through interactive, online simulations. Second, I appreciate the unique setup of APEX as I think it is important to develop various iterations of prototypes while  continuously seeking feedback. For me, it means coding every single day, but also blending in mentorship meetings, reach-outs, and reflections. These actions contributed to my growth the most. APEX removes you from your comfort zone and promotes maturity. Many opportunities arise for associates to feel called to action, and I appreciate that.

I know from experience that to displace oneself from those self-set boundaries by activating this proactive stance is difficult. It requires a lot of motivation and commitment, but APEX helps. Not only does the program provide the opportunities, but also the resources for students to succeed—the tools to climb. It is a matter of yearning to climb and wanting to assess your limits. By moving up, you also must acknowledge and accept that everyone falls. When met face-to-face with failure, you need to recognize that the rematch may bear different results; you may not lose your grip on the same rung.

Overall APEX allows you to get your feet wet and a little more. You may dip one toe in and stray on the shallow side for the entire semester or you can do more. You can slowly wade further and further, fully knowing that the waves will drive you back. Your dreams may be waiting out there. Will you climb for it? Will you swim for it?