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Recently, on my college visit to the University of Missouri, I met with a nursing representative. She leads a meeting on the type of classes I would be taking as a ‘nursing’ major. Although these classes excite me, the process terrifies me. My first two years at the University of Missouri, I will focus on completing my prerequisite classes. After finishing two years of the ‘pre-nursing’ degree, I will then apply for the clinical nursing degree. This is a highly competitive degree and, your acceptance is dependent heavily on your GPA (average 3.6) as well as an interview. The representative told us that the first question that you will be asked is “why do you want to become a nurse?” She explained that the simple ‘because I like helping people’ will not secure you a spot.

Ever since the visit, I have given a lot of thought of why I have a passion for nursing. APEX has truly helped me realize that helping people is a common variable throughout all medical professions. Nursing is not the only job in the medical field that requires a passion for helping others. All the speakers that I have been given the opportunity to meet thus far have had some role in improving someone else’s life.

After reflecting on why I want to become a nurse, I have realized that my career goal consists of not only helping others but making a difference. Through APEX I have heard many stories from different professionals about specific moments where they felt themselves making a difference. Joan, from the Veterans Hospital, said that sometimes a patient is incapable of receiving the help you offer. She explained that when they cannot be helped anymore, the best thing you can do is improve the quality of the life they have left. With tears in her eyes, Joan said that the patient will be eternally grateful for the time you shared even after you cannot help them medically.

That is exactly what I want the interviewers at the University of Missouri to understand about me. I want to be a nurse because I value the quality of people’s’ lives. I will work hard to establish a brand for myself that labels me as thoughtful, understanding, and impactful. I believe that APEX has started me on the path to this brand and will only continue to empower me.