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During the second week of APEX, my Designing Communication Solutions group had the opportunity to tour the Performance Marketing building. I had no idea that there was a place like this just minutes from my house! When I walked in, I felt like it was somewhere I could see myself working at in a few years. From creative sketches all over walls to the high-tech equipment, I knew that somewhere like this is the right fit for me.

The best part about Performance Marketing was the people. They were all extremely friendly and engaging. We each got the chance to talk to someone working in a field that interests us. These areas included: design, social media, marketing, project management, and development. I even had to change to meet an employee who I am now setting up a job shadow with!

Overall, touring Performance Marketing left me with hope for my future. Seeing real people in a real building doing specifically what I want to do, made my future dreams come alive. I am very grateful for APEX and look forward to what it will bring for my future.