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Currently, I am a senior taking the Designing Communication Solutions APEX course. I have always been a driven person with ambitions and passions, sometimes so ambitious that it is hard to put all of my desires into work. When I first heard about the APEX program, I assumed it was some prestigious program that you could only get into with GPA requirements and stellar grades. However, after talking with former associates and advocates for the program, I was quickly able to learn that APEX is for everyone and has something to offer in all areas.

Our class meets twice a week at the DLR group downtown. This is a wonderful opportunity to see real people work in fields I’m interested in. An awesome aspect of the APEX program is career exploration. I have been lucky enough to job shadow some very insightful journalists at the Des Moines Register and the Channel 13 News. Even though this might not be the career path I choose, I am gaining real world experience to see if this might be something I want to do with my life.

The biggest thing APEX has done for me has been developing my professional skills and teaching me about servant leadership. I am now able to talk with clients, work out their needs, and ultimately serve them to my best abilities. Before taking this course I would have been very intimidated to send professional emails and talk to clients on the phone. After being coached through it, I have realized these things come naturally for me, and that I really enjoy communicating back and forth with clients. This is the main thing I look forward to implementing as I move forward with school and my career.

My technical skills have also improved immensely through APEX. Before taking the Designing Communication Solutions course, I considered myself to be a novice in graphic design. Through DCS I was able to get a deeper look into the design process and learn to create through trial and error as well as repetition. I considered myself proficient in video editing before taking my course, however I have been able to learn new software and expand my efficiency in editing. Making videos for clients has been a favorite thing of mine, and the gratification is always great when the client enjoys what I have created for them.

Ultimately, APEX is really for anybody who wants to further explore a career field. If somebody is on the fence about taking a course, I strongly suggest they look into taking an APEX course, as it really does prepare you for the real world!