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Recently I had the wonderful experience to go on a ride along experience with a WesleyLife Meals on Wheels driver, Loretta, through the Exploration of Health Sciences and Medicine class. Loretta is very kind and was so personable with everyone. What really stood out to me was that she knew so much about each of her clients. She was excited to see each person she delivered to, addressing each one, and sometimes their neighbors, by name. All of her clients were equally as excited to see her. They all knew the exact time she would arrive with food, and many would be outside of their door waiting for her in anticipation. She made sure that all of her clients got great a healthy meal that day despite a few hiccups that could potentially delay the delivery. For example, one of the clients lived in an apartment building with a community fridge, and the client didn’t answer their phone or door. She resolved this by leaving the meal in the community fridge labeled for them. Loretta always made sure to follow up on anyone who didn’t answer their door or phone to be sure they were okay. This was such an eye opening experience for me. I inspired to help others and cannot wait to see what I can do to help WesleyLife flourish and expand to help even more people.