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I am currently enrolled in the Design Communication Solutions course in APEX or DCS for short. So far I have designed a logo for myself and a friend, along with meeting a client and creating some rough draft logos for them. There is a lot more than just logo design in DCS, I just happen to enjoy creating logos. The whole process of completing a project for a client can seem overwhelming, but with just a small amount of planning and creating an outline, it will run very smoothly.

A very important idea to remember when working on a project for a client is to take steps. If you just run through the whole project without a care in the world, you are unlikely to end with something you are proud of. Taking time to decide what order tasks need to be done is very important. Even if it is as simple as designating time to create drafts and brainstorm. All of the small steps leading up to your final project allow you to keep organized and stay on track.

Something that comes up very often in DCS is meeting with clients. If you are anything like me this is possibly one of the scariest things you can do in life. But after talking with every client so far I have left the room excited and ready to start working. Planning out what you need to ask of them during the meeting is a must when it comes to making progress with your client.

For me at least, there is little that is more satisfying than getting a project done just the way you and the client want it to come out, and you have so many opportunities like that in APEX. I have left the class smiling about the progress that I made that day, and giddy about what I would do tomorrow, and no other experience has left me feeling that way.