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To be honest, taking an APEX course was not in my high school plan, but I was looking for something different than a traditional classroom environment. My counselor was the one that called me in to discuss taking the Developing Web Based Technologies class, which at first made me very nervous as I was unsure if I was qualified to enroll in the class.  I really only knew a little bit about designing a website, but I thought that I would give the course a try. The first week of APEX really opened my eyes to how much I didn’t know about being a professional. We were taught how to write a professional email, handle client meetings, and many other skills. Even though we were learning a lot, I was still nervous that I was being thrown into something that I didn’t know much about, and there were times in the beginning when I doubted my choice to enroll.

Once I was assigned client projects those feelings of fear went away because I was put on two amazing projects that I love! First, I am working on Train to Inspire. The main reason that I enjoy this project so much is because I enjoy making an impact on people lives. As someone who wanted to be a teacher, I love to be able to touch the hearts of people. The other project that I am working on is with John Deere. I love being able to say that as a high school senior I am working on a global company’s website. I find myself sitting in meetings, looking into the future, and seeing myself doing this for a living.

Overall, I would not trade this experience for the world! I love to be able to work at my own pace. Additionally, I get to set my schedule, work on what I want to work on, and explore new career paths. Further, I love that each day is different. I started APEX thinking that I wanted to be a teacher, and now I have changed what I want to. I want to be a UI/UX designer, and I am working to find a college program that will work for me. I am so thankful for the experience as I have met some amazing people, and I cannot wait for the future!