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My name is Ibrahim Fadel, and I am a student at Waukee High School. I first became interested in the APEX program when I toured the Waukee Innovation and Learning Center when I was in 9th grade. After touring the building and learned more about the APEX program, I decided to sign up for a course. At this point, I kept hearing people say that APEX classes are hard and that there was no way to pass with a good grade. This started to worry me, but I decided to give it a shot.

My first class was with Scott Palmer, and it was Developing Web Based Technologies (DWT). When I took his class I did not know anything about the subject area, but I was interested in learning more. I was fortunate to partner with GoFusion Technologies, which is a local business that specializes in audio/visual equipment.  Through this partnership I learned a lot about installing electrical wiring for speakers and security systems. Professionally, I learned about client relations, primarily how to best communicate in a business environment. There were things that clients expected of me, and I worked my best to meet their needs. I felt that I was representing the APEX program when I was out working, and I really wanted to make a good impression to ensure that the partnership would continue even after the term ended.

When I was working at the Waukee Innovation and Learning Center (WILC), our team would learn more about resumes, LinkedIn, building websites and cyber security.  I really enjoyed my time with Scott Palmer. He is one of the best teachers I have ever met in my life. He helped me every day to become a better student and learn more. He always works with every student to find a career or job they are interested in. He showed and proved that the WILC is a great place to be and that the rumors about the APEX program are completely untrue if you apply yourself.

The APEX program has benefited me a lot and has changed my life completely. I learned so much through the first APEX course that I took that  I decided to enroll in Engineering, Technology and Robotics (ETR) this term. I decided to take this course because I hope to become an Engineer or Web Developer. While working with a local company, BRC, I was able to try out being both an engineer and a technician while working on an electric go kart for a client. Throughout the term I have learned a lot about the daily life of many careers  through my various business projects like this one.

APEX is a great program for high school students. The program helps students find a career path that they are interested in, teaches them how to become more professional and helps them find suitable job shadows. The instructors help their students to be successful, which shows how much they care about them.

I recommend APEX for every high school student because it helps students define their future career path.  APEX is a great experience to try, and I am very glad for all of the experiences and skills.