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When you think IT, you likely think of cubicles in a dull office space, the sound of clicking keyboards, and the occasional cough of despair that echoes for a few seconds. The break room housing a single water cooler, a fridge full of scattered Tupperware of employee lunches and murmurs from associates making small talk of the weather and the previous weekend’s football game.

The Forge by Pillar Technology is different. Located in the heart of Des Moines, it was built with the intent of being an innovative, open and active place where coworkers can bond, communicate effectively, and overcome problems together. My Information Management Design team visited their location to get a feel for a modern and productive workplace. Something I noticed right away is how open everything is. There are no cubicles in sight. Each room has walls of glass which directly translates to the transparency of the company. Everyone seemed to be intertwined and involved with each other’s projects. We were even informed that after a certain amount of time working on a particular project, a switch would occur so that employees weren’t stuck on the same project for too long. There was no break room, but a proper kitchen; a couple of tables were set in the middle of everything, where associates can quickly discuss projects, conundrums, road blocks or progression, and so on. The environment was lively; bright lights, live plants, paintings and sculptures, and colorful furniture gave the workplace a cozy and homey feel. The conference room we were in had a fantastic view of the sculpture garden right outside of the window. All of these innovative qualities of The Forge could be a deciding factor for many people if they didn’t feel IT was the best fit for them.

Lastly, a huge thank you to The Forge for allowing us to visit and granting us this spectacular opportunity. Hopefully, this post conveys how revolutionary the IT environment has become over the last few years, and will continue to grow and develop as more brilliant minds begin getting into this field.