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During the fall 2016 semester, I was in the Information Management and Design strand. We met downtown, at LightEdge Solutions, and got a large conference room around a large table all to ourselves. This forced interaction daily with each member of the team and allowed us to bond in a way that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. Meeting downtown every day was fun and felt adventurous. Being downtown gave us the opportunity to feel like real professionals, become more familiar with downtown Des Moines, and have a spot unique to what we do with professionals available to answer our questions and mentor us.

This spring semester, I am in Designing Communication Solutions. For the majority of our time thus far, we have met at the brand new building, the Waukee Innovation and Learning Center (the WILC). The WILC provides a collaborative and versatile space that allows associates and business professionals to come together, broaden horizons, and prepare young APEX associates for the future. The WILC has furthered APEX’s footprint in the community by allowing local partners to come in and work and by providing such a collaborative and adaptable space. The potential the WILC has is just merely unfolding, but it is apparent already that you can always learn something new upon entering this area.