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Several APEX alumnas, Anna Shaprio, Malia Griffin, Alexia Stock, Anna Ruble, Maddie Ryan, Hannah Hoth and Maddie Darveau have all been honored at the state level for winning the NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Award. The National Center for Women & IT (NCWIT) Award recognizes high school and college females across the country for their accomplishments in technology. Awards are given at both national and state level and range from affiliate runner-ups to the national winner.

Director of APEX, Michelle Hill, encouraged these young women to apply for this award to honor their hard work and leadership roles throughout Waukee High School. Each is an active member of Waukee’s HyperStream Club where they have displayed their skills in technology beyond what is expected in addition to taking one or more APEX classes. Maddie Darveau explained that taking the Designing Communications Solutions APEX class, “really her first develop and then become proficient in her own technology and professional skills.”

Not only does this award showcase talents in technology, but it helps open of the door to network with hundreds of other professional women in the workforce, as well as a stable support system in the technology field. Because women are still a minority in the STEM workforce, Anna Ruble shared how this award helps provide her with that support in which it “reaffirms her decision to pursue a technology-related career.” Hannah Hoth then added onto this by stating, “People need to know how the younger generations of girls are not intimidated and are now taking on this mostly male centered career field.”

One state award winner, Alexia Stock, was honored as a national runner-up. Alexia describes this recognition as an honor. “It allows me to have memberships to professional groups and additional scholarship opportunities which will help me in pursuing my career.”

All seven of these girls have successfully showcased their talent and driven mindsets revolving around technology in which awarded them this awesome honor. Maddie Ryan elaborated, “It feels great to be awarded for something that you’re passionate about.”

Two additional HyperStream young women received the state award. Both Megan Wadsworth and Carsyn Ehlinger are planning to take APEX courses in the future.

We are very proud of this group of girls honored by the NCWIT Aspirations Award at the state and national levels and know their futures are bright.

A full list of the NCWIT state and national winners can be found on the Aspirations website https://www.aspirations.org.

Hannah Quimby, APEX Intern