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After months of dedicated planning and designing, the Waukee Community School District School Board approved a new Waukee Aspiring Professional Experience Logo (APEX) on February 8.

A design team comprised of District Administration and Waukee APEX students worked to create the design during the APEX Designing Communication Solutions course offered at Waukee High School. The design concept and overall look was brought to life by junior Justin Sindelar and seniors Analese Hauber, Anna Ruble and Maddie Ryan.

“We wanted to capture a striking brand image that would create a recognizable symbol for a student who was in the program and identify them as they enter their college and career world,” Sindelar said.

Waukee Community School District launched the first CAPS programming in Iowa at the start of the 2014-15 school year. On June 8, 2015 the District renamed the program Waukee APEX to better align with Iowa’s STEM Businesses Engaging Students and Teachers (BEST) Initiative and allow for future evolution of the program to best serve our local and state economic community. The team has worked carefully to implement APEX’s innovative educational model into the logo.

“We wanted something that was active and could show our movement throughout the community. As aspiring professionals in the program, we don’t just stay in one building, we put ourselves out into the community and work to make a difference,” Ruble said.

The standard “Waukee Purple” is included to signify its affiliation with Waukee. While the chartreuse green shows the innovative elements of APEX. The overall design of the X includes a metaphor as well. The lower left triangle of the X represents a student as he or she enters the program. The two top and bottom triangles of the X are business and community coming together with the student to collide in the middle, emerging with the top right
green triangle that represents the transformed student.

The logo is the first step in the new visual identity for Waukee APEX. The district will be working on new marketing materials and website in the coming months.