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Waukee High School’s Information Management and Design APEX (Aspiring Professional Experience) students teamed up with Waukee’s track coach, Erica Douglas, to create a website geared towards raising awareness for women’s athletics.

Emma Durflinger is an Apex student who worked on creating the website.

“This website is important because it is not only giving female athletes a voice, but it allows females in general to feel empowered. We’re helping women and girls grow in this world,” Durflinger said.

In order to create the website, there were many steps Durflinger went through. The process included meeting with Douglas to build a foundation for the website, and creating a website that catered to Douglas’s  brand.  Durflinger also had the responsibility of adding final touches and making it a live site.

“It was a very time consuming project, but it was very impactful and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome,” Durflinger said.

Other APEX students helped Durflinger on creating the website. Sam Wedemeyer coded and Ashtyn Fiala helped with design elements.

Through collaboration and the innovative learning approach that APEX instills, the students were able to surpass all expectations and create not only a well put together website, but enforce a positive message and make an impactful experience for anyone who visits sheplaysnow.com.

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