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As of October, Van Meter Inc. became the second host site for the APEX (Aspiring Professional Experience)  Next Generation Energy class. The company is an electronics and electrical distributor covering Iowa, Illinois and Nebraska.

Within Van Meter’s business, they sell and promote renewable energy products, which is the primary focus of the Next Gen. Energy class, making it the perfect location. Since one of the values of Van Meter Inc. is community, they were eager to partner with the APEX classes.

“Partnering with Van Meter has allowed our students to see a positive, professional work culture,” said APEX instructor Tyler Wright. “It has set examples for communication, dress, celebration and other work-related norms.”

The company has also partnered by offering value-added projects for Waukee APEX students to complete during their semester.  The Finance, Banking and Investments course developed an ROI (return on investment) calculator.  Designing Communication Solutions class developed marketing materials for the company in conjunction with the Information Management Design students to build interactive website updates for Van Meter’s use.  Although Van Meter is primarily a host site, the company offers mentoring support for the class.

Specifically, Van Meter Inc. has mentored the students with energy site evaluations, trade trips for solar panel pricing, installation and ROI calculations.

A site assessment is where an evaluator determines the best location for solar modules on a residential or commercial property. The evaluator plugs in some numbers and runs a test to determine which areas would yield the best return on investment. At that point, the evaluator will share pricing and return on investment numbers with the client to see which option is best suited for them,” said Wright.

Through partnering with businesses, APEX students can grow their professionalism through mentors and gain real-world experience through hands-on work. Students across the economic sectors continue to collaborate and are ready to welcome any new business partnership opportunities.