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The City of Waukee has asked two Waukee APEX students, juniors Nolan Roethler and Emma Kern, to participate in a Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee.

The Plan will provide stability and direction for the long-term growth of the City, allowing it to grow into a premier community. Recently, Hoisington Koegler was hired out of Minneapolis by the City as the consultant for the upcoming Comprehensive Plan.

The Committee will allow for a variety of key ideas from people from around the community that will meet four to five times over a period of 14-16 months.

“An important voice in this effort is the youth of our community as they are the future and offer a different viewpoint from other participants in the project,” said a City representative.

Both chosen APEX students are a part of the Engineering APEX sector, giving them a great opportunity that caters towards their future interests. Roethler being in the Architecture and Engineering class, and Kern in Next Generating Energy.

“Taking APEX has definitely prepared me for this experience. I gained a number of professional skills and learned what it is like to be in a real work environment,” said Roethler. “I believe these qualities will make me a productive member of the committee.”

Students in the APEX program continue to gain professionalism through real world experience and look forward to future opportunities.