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Waukee Community School District students in grades 9-12 spent their morning immersed in the intricate world of science and technology. Waukee High School partnered with sponsor Cisco Systems to host the very first Waukee Hackathon competition at the Waukee Innovative Learning Center on March 24.

“I think it showcased that learning can be done outside of the regular day. It gives students a chance to see how some of these skills they are learning in the classroom can also be applied out of the classroom. It was a great day for all,” Scott Palmer, an APEX Business, Technology and Communication instructor, said.

Palmer was approached by Cisco representatives after they had toured the WILC and seen the potential for a Hackathon.

The day mostly revolved around the use of the programs Internet of Things and Bots, which are applications used in everyday objects such as cellular phones and laptops. Palmer instructed the class alongside Cisco representatives.