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When the Waukee APEX course Business Startup was looking for a host site, Gravitate was an easy first choice. Gravitate is an organization focused on helping people to build early-stage, tech-enabled businesses, which puts our student associates in the mix with other like-minded entrepreneurs. Currently, the Gravitate community is made up of over 1,000 diverse freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers from a wide-range of industries, giving our student associates plenty of opportunities to engage in rich conversations and to also see the benefits of co-working environments.

Once you spend some time in one of their two locations it is easy to notice how each small business brings something special to the space on any given day. For example, tech companies working alongside marketing startups can easily strike up conversations where roadblocks and solutions are explored. Individuals and small businesses relish in the freedom of a flexible schedule, but still desire to be a part of a professional community, so they seek out space and community at one of two Gravitate locations. Tyler Wright, Business Startup Instructor emphasizes that, “Co-working at Gravitate has given our aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to see the benefits of being a part of a co-working community.”

Learn more about Gravitate, their locations, events and more at https://www.gravitatecoworking.com/.

End of semester pitch day for the Business Startup class is Wednesday, May 15.  Email instructor, Tyler Wright, if you are interested in providing feedback to this class of entrepreneurs.