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Central Bank in Waukee

Central Bank in Waukee


One unique aspect of the APEX program is host site involvement. Host sites are satellite business locations where classes can be held throughout the week. Currently, the APEX course Finance, Banking and Investments (FBI) is connected with Central Bank in Waukee. Being in a host site environment exposes student associates to leaders in the industry.

Banking student associates work closely with Mia Thomas, Retail Operations Supervisor, and Matt Klein, Business Development Specialist. These two leaders provide our APEX student associates a great deal of industry-specific learning as well as case study learning. This helps any student associate that is aspiring to be a banking professional to really see what it looks and feels like to work in the field. Jesse Hunt, FBI instructor, expressed that, “Having a partner like Central Bank allows for learning to occur organically. The environment is authentic, and Mia and Matt do an amazing job leading our student associates”.

At the start of the term, student associates learn about different banking careers. For example, at Central Bank, there are tellers, personal bankers, managers, mortgage officers, commercial bankers, and credit card managers. Student associates interested in pursuing a career in those fields are encouraged to ask questions to gain further information. Additionally, student associates learn about daily banking operations.

As the term progresses, student associates will be exposed to many different types of finance and banking related topics. Personal finance is addressed, such as savings accounts, checking accounts, interest rates, loan to value, risk assessment, as well as debt to income. Further, the differences between personal finance in comparison to corporate finance are addressed. Student associates who are interested in pursuing an entrepreneurial path have the opportunity to learn about business development and the tools it takes to grow your business and professional relationships.

Host sites are an integral part of the APEX program, and we feel very fortunate to work so closely with Central Bank. Matt Klein expressed, “We are really excited to partner with APEX.  It is such a great program and the kids are so mature. Really well beyond their years.”