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The Iowa Youth Institute is an Iowa State University-affiliated program that provides high school students “life-changing experiences where they can engage with local leaders and experts on critical global food security challenges, participate in hands-on science activities, and explore exciting ways to make a difference in Iowa and around the world.”  Waukee APEX student associates Emily Durbala, Caitlin Henricksen, Raigen Johnson, Chloe Lumley, Juan Martinez, Abigail Patters, Karlee Rebik, Ayla Schiller, Savannah Tiffany, Evan Inserra, and Macy Weiss all submitted papers to participate in the Iowa Youth Institute. Requirements for the Global Challenge paper specify that each student must research a global challenge, and write a paper about the problem and the proposed solution.

Student associates that submitted papers participated in a virtual conference this year on Monday, April 27th. This provided each student with an opportunity to engage with community leaders and have their ideas heard. Additionally, each student associate was awarded a $500 ISU Scholarship for their participation. Congratulations to all of the Waukee APEX student associates for their hard work and dedication to a noble cause!

More information about the World Food Prize and the Iowa Youth Institute can be found at https://www.worldfoodprize.org/.