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QRichardsonWe recently had a chance to catch up with Quintin Richardson, Waukee junior and current APEX student associate. Quintin decided to enroll in Construction Leadership because he hopes to own his own construction company one day, and he felt like this course could offer him some insight into the business world. So far this year Quintin has been the project lead of one large project where the team needed to pour a 17 x 18 concrete slab. Quintin explains that in the construction business weather can definitely play an important role, as they learned when they needed to pour the concrete slab the same day that 7 inches of snow fell. “As we were pouring the concrete, water kept puddling on top while it was trying to stiffen, causing everything to take much longer to dry than we had expected. I have been working with concrete for over 2 years, and I have never run into a problem like this one. As a team, we problem solved, and we were able to get the job done. That’s one thing that I love about our APEX construction team. We never give up!”

Aside from learning about project management, Quintin expressed gratitude for the opportunities that APEX has exposed him to so far. He shared that he has learned so much about a variety of new trades, which have been wonderful from a career exploration standpoint. Additionally, he has learned how to go out and do bids, work with customers to understand their needs, and brainstorm solutions to problems – all skills that will serve him as he works to start his own construction business after high school. He goes on to explain, “I definitely think APEX is helping me grow as an aspiring professional because there is never a day when I’m not learning something new. Part of this is due to my instructor, Tyler Wright, who is always there to motivate me. Tyler has shown me never to give up no matter what the circumstances may be. I really appreciate everything he has done for me and our APEX class.”

We are pleased to highlight Quintin Richardson as an aspiring professional. We wish him much success with all of his future endeavors!