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ABC of Iowa LogoABC of Iowa is a local non-profit construction trade association that has a long history of supporting student education through their apprenticeship and training trust. During the fall semester, the trust partnered with APEX’s Construction Leadership course in a couple of different ways. First, our Waukee APEX student associates helped update their Career Exploration Trailer by working on an electrical demo. The student associates surveyed and researched some interactive features that might appeal to a younger population, and then worked with the trust to design and create those demos inside the career trailer.

Second, ABC of Iowa Apprenticeship & Training Trust generously provided OSHA 10 training vouchers to each of our Construction Leadership student associates, which was a valuable way to spend class time when the Waukee district was fully online in December. The certification process takes 10 hours, never expires, and provides a basic level of safety knowledge, so if given the opportunity to intern or shadow a journeyman, the students are prepared. It also helps provide students with the knowledge to safely complete any construction-related tasks and encourages safety-focused operating at an early age.

ABC of Iowa Apprenticeship & Training Trust supported several high schools with vouchers over the last five years, and our Waukee APEX program is grateful to have been included. Leaving this class OSHA certified gives our student associates an advantage over others their age that have not completed the training. The trust’s dedication to supporting the trades in Iowa, and their commitment to providing career exploration opportunities for school-aged students is so valuable to our community, as well as the state of Iowa. We appreciate your partnership!