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APEX Associate Mauri Bates knows what she wants to do.

“I’ve always wanted to work with kids,” says Bates.

When Waukee’s APEX program offered a CNA course this year, she knew that’s where she wanted to be.

“With me wanting to go into the nursing field, it’s a good experience to know,” says the senior.

The experience in this class is 100% hands-on.

“If it was just me looking at a board, reading and writing things down, I wouldn’t retain any of it,” says Bates. “Being able to work with the beds and the geriatric dolls, helps me really visualize and see what I am truly working with.”

Community Donations

A huge part of this program are the patient beds donated by the LCS Foundation. A gift that paves the way not only for this program, but for our future health care providers. 

“When we had this opportunity, we knew this made total sense for us,” says Monica Friedman, EVP, Chief Human Resources Officer at LCS. “We want to get those students as early as possible in their career, so they can really have an informed decision as they are choosing their path. We couldn’t be more proud to assist with this program.”

LCS Foundation Beds

The LCS Foundation donated the beds being used by the CNA program.

The importance of having this equipment is not lost on our APEX associates.

“We are really grateful to APEX and the LCS Foundation for donating these beds,” says APEX Associate Maddie Blair. “It’s really nice envisioning what real life will look like if I go into the health care field and what I walk into at work every day.”

“All of our equipment here at APEX gives our associates the hands-on experience so that they know how to use this equipment when we get into a clinical setting,” says CNA Instructor Ricki Henry.


Opportunities Provided

A health care career is in high demand, but our associates are ready to make their mark on the industry.

“I’ve always wanted to help people” says APEX Associate Mollie Quick. “I feel like health care is a great way to help and work with a million different types of people.”

Thanks to the team at LCS and the opportunity our APEX program provides, another group of Waukee students are getting ready to start their health care journey, in a really cool way.

“Waukee has been great to provide every opportunity you can imagine,” says Quick. “I’m super grateful to go this school and get all the opportunities they provide for us.”

CNA program

Student associates are working in the new CNA APEX program.