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We have a lot to celebrate in Waukee. Serving more than 12,500 students each year, we are dedicated to our pursuit of excellent educational opportunities. Our graduation rate is 98%! Waukee is the seventh-largest district in the state of Iowa. We are getting set to open our tenth elementary school in the fall of 2022. Our team of nearly 2,000 staff members put our students first every single day! We hope our “Why Waukee” series sheds a light on the amazing things happening in our district.

“Why Waukee?” Video Series

“You Walk Into Any Building in This District, These Students are Loved” – Teacher Edition

  • Waukee CSD is home to hundreds of the state’s best educators. The relationship between a student and a teacher is a powerful one. Our district’s 98% graduation rate is a credit to ALL of our educators. Click here to watch our teachers share their passion for the classroom.

District Edition

  • We are a team of 2,000! We ALL play a crucial role in the education experience of our students. Click here to watch the Waukee CSD team explain their role in our school community.

“Waukee is a Sense of Belonging and Love” – Student Edition

  • In 2022 Waukee CSD opened a second high school, Waukee Northwest. Our expansion showcases the district’s continued pursuit of student opportunities. Click here to watch several members from the Class of 2022 share their favorite memories from their time in our district.

Family Edition

  • We are thankful for the growth of the communities surrounding our district. More than 1,000 new students entered our schools in the 2021-22 school year. Sharing this journey with families is a trusted and valued partnership. Video coming soon.


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