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As an aspiring professional experience program, we encourage our APEX student associates to dress in business casual clothing while at the WILC or participating in APEX related activities off site. This can be a barrier for some of our student associates that simply do not have the means to buy new clothing or those that simply would like to save their money for other worthy purchases, like college. In an effort to support all of our aspiring professionals, we have a clothing closet on site where student associates choose items to grow their professional wardrobe free of charge. Some choose to borrow different pieces for specific meetings and others use pieces as part of their long-term wardrobe.

For many years Waukee APEX benefitted from a partnership with the Dallas County Community Closet; however, the community closet closed their doors this past spring. As of now, we look towards our Waukee APEX community of supporters for donations. If you have new or gently used professional clothing, shoes, ties, and/or belts, we would happily take those items from you and share them with our student associates. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Anna Jordal, Waukee APEX Education and Business Events Manager, at ajordal@waukeeschools.org or by phone at 515-987-9888. 

Thank you so much for your continued support of our Waukee APEX program. 

Clothes Closet