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IMG 3954The mission of the Waukee Community Schools Foundation is to empower every Waukee District student to achieve their aspirations by enhancing their educational experience. We would like to give a big thank you to the foundation for supporting our APEX program. Your support in various ways has helped both our program and our students grow. The Waukee Community Schools Foundation prioritizes grants for all classrooms in the district. Our instructors have applied for and received grants to help their student associates grow and achieve their highest potential during their time at the WILC. 

Early in the program, learning CPR and becoming certified was necessary for all our medical courses.  The Foundation provided all of the CPR dummies, both adult and child, for the courses to practice and obtain their certification.

Associates studying in the area of Bioscience and Agriculture learned the process and importance of harvesting plants. A foundation grant provided the seed starts for the project. Associates harvested lettuce grown in our lab and then enjoyed it with their walking taco bar. 

Along with the seeds, our agriculture and bioscience teams received 2 other items because of the foundation’s grants. Instructors bought plant racks and a moisture analyzer to use in the labs. The moisture analyzer is used for projects where moisture correction is needed in a pan analysis of plant extracts. These teams are so grateful to the foundation for its continued support.

Intro to Education is our teacher practicum course at Waukee. Each student involved shows an interest in a teaching profession, whether that be in the music department, math, history, art, or anywhere in between. The course lasts for 1 semester. At the end of the semester in January, students were able to utilize a prize foundation grant given to the WILC to buy thank-you books for their practicum teachers. This was a great way to thank the teachers who have taught our students so much and given them an opportunity they will never forget. Thank you, teachers!

Last but not least, a foundation grant was used to buy a simulation mannequin for our medical teams to practice on. The mannequin is life-size and a great tool for our associates to practice and use their learned skills.

Thank you to the Waukee Community Schools Foundation for their continued support of the APEX program.