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Accumold Student Learner Celebration

L to R: President Denson, Ian Berg, students from Ankeny and Bondurant, Dean Jenny Foster

Last October, Accumold, DMACC, Ankeny High School, Bondurant-Farrar High School, and Waukee APEX launched the Iowa Student Learner program under the guidance of the Department of Labor guidelines for introducing high school students (16 – 18yr olds) into the advanced manufacturing workplace.

Accumold’s purpose was to reach out to students who haven’t been exposed to advanced manufacturing as a career and train them for future positions as Process Technicians. Next year Accumold will add a quality technician position to the program.

Ian Berg, NWHS senior, participated in the program from Waukee.  Accumold introduced the four student learners to advanced manufacturing four days a week, 2 hours a day.  During the program, the students learned via DMACC technical training, hands-on training at Accumold, and technical mentoring from Accumold Process Technicians about a career in advanced manufacturing.

Ian shared, “What’s great about this program is that you can earn college credit while working and getting paid. Also, if you enjoy the experience so much, you can get offered the Accumold scholar’s program, which pays for college and gets you a paid job afterward.”

The long-term goal for Accumold is to build a future talent pipeline with some of the students continuing onto the Accumold Scholarship program at DMACC. The goal for the students is to explore career possibilities for the next stage of their life.

Thank you to both Accumold and DMACC for this opportunity.  If this sounds like something you or your student might like to do as a senior, please contact Waukee APEX at APEX@waukeeschools.org.  We are actively recruiting participants for the 23-24 school year.