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Designed in collaboration with local industry partners, the automotive course through Waukee APEX is off to a great start. The course offers students an opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of automotive technology and innovation. WhileStivers Cars utilizing the Ford ACE Training Program, students are exposed to a broad range of topics in a self-paced learning environment. The program also includes hands-on experiences, such as vehicle diagnostics, maintenance, and repair at local dealerships.

One of the distinguishing features of the new APEX Automotive course is its strong connection to industry leaders. Stivers Ford Lincoln in Waukee hosts the onsite portion of the learning. Students also have the opportunity to tour Stew Hansen Dodge City, GATR Truck Center, DMACC Asset program at Urban Campus and other locations throughout the semester. These partners and experiences ensure students are receiving a comprehensive exploration opportunity that will prepare them for success in the workforce. 

There is a growing need for skilled professionals in the industry, and this course aims to address the demands by helping to cultivate a new generation of technicians and others equipped to drive the industry forward. Cale Sorge, a junior at Waukee Northwest High School is using his experience to prepare him for a future at DMACC and Iowa State University for Mechanical and Automotive Engineering. “The new APEX Automotive course is going great! We have been getting online training from Ford, and have been able to see all the operations of a car dealership firsthand,” Sorge said. The course not only meets the demands of the automotive industry but also empowers students to explore their passions and build a foundation for a successful future.

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