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Global Food Systems


Cindy SnellCindy Snell





This course is offered Blocks 3-4 during the fall semester for the 2023-2024 school year.


Waukee Innovation and Learning Center

Premiere partner:
Blank Park Zoo, 7401 SW 9th Street, Des Moines, IA 50315
-There is a shuttle to this location

Course Description

The Global Food Systems course is an inquiry-based course to explore food, bioscience, and agriculture.  Student will focus on projects and learn about agriculture industries, which employ one out of six people in Iowa.  The global agriculture system is very complex. It impacts our food, feed, fiber and fuel. Every person is impacted by global agriculture and food systems. All humans need food to survive. Learn how food gets from the “farm gate to the dinner plate.” This is a great exploration course for those interested in culinary arts, nutrition, health, agriculture, and solving the world’s hunger issues.

Course Guide

Career Opportunities

Students will be connected to industry partners to explore projects and career opportunities such as Supply Chain Manager, Dietician, Chemical Engineer, Microbiologist, Nutritionist, Food Safety Inspector, Commodities Buyer, Chef, Regulatory Manager, Food Engineer

Curriculum Advisory Team

  • Cindy Snell, APEX Instructor, Waukee Community School District
  • Jacob Hunter, World Food Prize
  • Susan Moser, DuPont Pioneer
  • Gustavo Lichtenberger, AgriCredit – DLL Group
  • Brent Willet, Cultivation Corridor
  • David Acker, Iowa State University
  • Ruth MacDonald, Iowa State University
  • Gail Nonnecke, Iowa State University
  • Craig Floss, Iowa Corn Growers
  • Laura Calvert, Waukee Community School District
  • Becky Greenwald, US Small Business Administration
  • Susan Brakhane, Monsanto
  • Curt Simmons, Science Center of Iowa
  • Jeff Johnson, Syngenta
  • Antonio Paraguassu, Hy-Line
  • Dale Gruis, Iowa Department of Education
  • Randy Gabriel, DMACC
  • Randy Mead, DMACC
  • Ali Locker, Waukee Community School District
  • Judi Luther-Roland, Waukee Community School District
  • Michelle Hill, Waukee Community School District
  • Peg Armstrong-Gustafson, Amson Technology LLC