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Exploration of Health Sciences & Medicine


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Exploration of Health Sciences & Medicine has many sections offered both Blocks 2-3 and Blocks 3-4 during the fall term and spring terms.


Waukee Innovation and Learning Center

Premiere partners:
Mercy College of Health Sciences
Des Moines University

Course Description

Exploration of Health Sciences and Medicine is a scientific, inquiry based experience to advance the student’s understanding of patient care, human physiology, disease process, research and ethics. The goal is to develop the students’ comfort in the role of a health professional and to develop skills in interprofessional education, patient relationships, health sciences knowledge, and experience in professional settings. In addition to gaining some basic clinical skills, students will also receive advanced instruction from medical experts to further their understanding of medical skills, current health topics and analyze treatments for the patient.  Students will be exposed to a variety of health science and medicine professions allowing the students to see the advancements and limitations of medicine along with the various skills used by scientific professionals.

Course Guide

Career Opportunities

Students will be connected to industry partners to explore projects and career opportunities such as physician, nurse, nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant, surgery technician, radiologist, dietician, physical therapist.

Curriculum Advisory Team

  • Dr. Jerry Parker, Director of Student Services and Engagement, Des Moines University
  • Dr. Karen Lewis, Associate Vice President, Des Moines University
  • Dr. Daniel Deavers, Emeritus, Des Moines University
  • Dr. Diane Hills, Emeritus, Des Moines University
  • Dr. David Spreadbury, Emeritus, Des Moines University
  • Dr. Pat Finnerty, Emeritus, Des Moines University
  • Dr. Elizabeth Stivers, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Grandview University
  • Dr. Steve Langdon, Provost and Academic Vice President, Mercy College
  • Dr. John Yost, Director, Internal Medicine Residency Program, UnityPoint Health
  • Michelle Hill, Executive Director of Waukee APEX, Waukee Community Schools

Review Curriculum Team (Internal & External Stakeholders)

  • Steve Suvalsky, Histopathologist, UnityPoint Health
  • Brian Barry, Information Technology-Population Health Management, Telligen
  • Randy Mead, Dean of Program Development, DMACC
  • Michael Lentsch, Director of Program Management, DMACC
  • Dr. Ryan Cook, Radiologist, Mercy Medical Center
  • Dr. Paul Grossman, DMU adjunct and Surgeon, Mercy Medical Center
  • Angie Davis, R.Ph., Registered Pharmacist, Walgreens
  • Debra Johnson, R.N., Director of Surgical Service/Emergency Department, South Pointe Hospital/Cleveland Clinic
  • Dr. Matt Brown, Ear, Nose and Throat, Iowa Head and Neck
  • Dr. Brian Crites, Sports Medicine, Capital Orthopaedics
  • Dr. William Jacobson, Sports Medicine/Orthopaedics, Capital Orthopaedics
  • Dr. Michael Lee, Podiatry/Ankle Surgery, Capital Orthopaedics
  • Dr. Kari Hensen, Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences, Des Moines Area Community College
  • Dr. Jim Stick, Dean of Arts and Sciences, Des Moines Area Community College
  • Amber Fairbanks, Science Teacher, Waukee High School
  • Chelsea Craig, Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) Medicine Instructor, Blue Valley School District
  • Peg Armstrong-Gustafson, Business Development Manager of Waukee CAPS/President and Founder of Amson Technology, LLC
  • Amanda Weeks, Science Teacher, Waukee High School
  • Nadia Clark Knoll, Nurse/Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Instructor, Waukee High School
  • Dr. Rick Glowacki, Urology, Iowa Clinic
  • Rich Roberts, Professor of Chemistry, Des Moines Area Community College
  • Julie Gonalez, Professor of Biology, Des Moines Area Community College