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Developing Web-Based Technologies


APrieksatAshley Prieksat





Developing Web-Based Technologies is offered for blocks 3-4 in the spring semester.


Waukee Innovation and Learning Center

Premiere Partner: Strategic America, 6600 Westown Pkwy #100, West Des Moines, IA 50266

Course Description

How do you prevent the hijacking of a smart car? What is the closest venue that my favorite band will play next?  How did the veterinarian know that my cat was lost? Game theory – why do I care? What is cybersecurity? How do I prevent identity theft? Whether you are registering for a class, checking PowerSchool, texting someone, or playing your favorite game – someone had to write a program and manage the data. This course provides a comprehensive foundation that enables students to understand and use web design, programming, and database products efficiently and to develop web and mobile programming solutions for real applications. This field is in high demand in all industries and has incredible potential for start-ups. If you love web design, programming, business, marketing, writing, gaming, leadership or want to learn how technology can apply to your field of interest, this course is for you.

Course Guide

Career Opportunities

Students will be connected to industry partners to explore projects and career opportunities such as Web Developer, Database Administrator, Game Software Programmer, Computer Hardware Engineer, Computer Systems Analyst, Computer Network Architect, Information Security Analyst, Computer Programmer, Computer Information and Systems Manager, and Software Developer.

Curriculum Advisory Team

  • Scott Palmer, Developing Web-Based Technologies Instructor, Waukee APEX
  • Spencer Herzberg, Senior Software Engineer, Banno; Guest Instructor, Waukee APEX
  • Jody Gehl, Human Resources Director, LightEdge Solutions
  • Rachel Smith, Training & HR Specialist, LightEdge Solutions
  • Chad Gustafson, Vice President of Professional Services, LightEdge Solutions
  • Nate Olson-Daniel, Director of Strategic Development and Principal Engineer, LightEdge Solutions
  • Nathan Adamson, Software Engineer, Shift Interactive LLC & Performance Marketing
  • Andrew Colosky, Senior Software Engineer, John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group
  • Chris Batdorf, Enterprise Customer Acquisition Process Coach, John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group
  • Brad Rasmussen, CIO, Merchants Bonding
  • Sandra Grace, Database Marketing Consultant, Meredith
  • Michael Bird, President, Spindustry Digital
  • Russ Goerend, Designing Communication Solutions Instructor, Waukee APEX
  • Ali Locker, Director of Teaching & Learning, Waukee Community School District
  • Randy Gabriel, Director, Program Development, DMACC
  • Randy Mead, Executive Dean of Program Development, DMACC
  • Michelle Hill, Director, Waukee APEX
  • Peg Armstrong-Gustafson, Business Development Manager, Waukee APEX; President & CEO, Amson Technology LLC

Review Curriculum Team (Internal & External Stakeholders)

  • Gabriel Glynn, Idea Catalyst, Shift Interactive LLC
  • Will Wilimek, Senior Web Developer, Prositions
  • Iacovos Zachariades, President and CEO, Global Reach Internet Production
  • Kelli Keefer, Computer Science Instructor, Waukee High School
  • Steve Showalter, Cloud Program Manager, Global Solutions Architecture and Engineering, HP Helion
  • Cameron Legleiter, Software Engineer, Insitu, Inc.